Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

why most of us do what we love !!!!!!

Old story but I have to share

so heres a long but short story of what happened to the GOLDEN SHOWER !!!!!! I got a phone call form John wells aka vintage torque ,asking if I had anything cool at the shop he could come film so I thought to myself what would be a good somewhat short thing we could do from start to finish ,, and well I thought taillights would be cool but then it was a thought of what car to do it on .... and BAM it hit me my car lol so my wife and I got on the ball looking for something that I have NEVER seen on any 49-54 chevys and amy came up with 59 chryslers so I called John back and set a date .... fast forward we did them from start to finish in a day with building the entire surround out of nothing primed it and drove it home to finish it up and get it ready for paint !!!!!!!!! I then got a text of a local guy who has a 54 thats chopped and bagged and bam the same taillights so .... I went in the garage got the sawzaw out and cut them bitches off ..... so I found what I wanted all along 55 chevy taillights went to indy picked them up and my wife and I amy aka ms.metal got on it ... we did months of metal work in just weeks . she welded more on my car them sum people who weld as a 8 to 4 job lolol.... she also put 54 buick headlights in the car all frenched (thanks babe ) we also re did the entire grill opening we cut and frankin bumpered a 57 chevy bumper to fit and it rules ... we put a 54 ford rear bumper on the back I wanted something a lil different so I added a grill in the rear of the car to some what give it that 50s kustom look .... then after all that it was time for body work ( 2 months till the pileup ) and we blocked and blocked and primed and primed meanwhile at night while im primeing and stuff my wife is sewing a entire new interior .......... its insane ... so a week or so goes by and me and my bro chicago chirs were talking about how Insane it would be if the two of us got together and painted ... being such good friend we made that shit happen my wife and I sanded the last coat of primer taped the car up and I shot the entire car silver flake and clear I then wet sanded it re taped it and call chirs and said its time bro lolololol chris showed up with his a game face on and the two of us went at it ,,,, what seemed like a hour was really about 36 hours of stright tapein I think I really cant rember lolol well anyway I put the candy in the gun started with no way to turn back got the first coat on and before I could even clean my gun chris has his airbrush in hand a if fuckin going to town lol so then I got my airbrush out and the two of us passed each other a ton of times lol at that point we were on about 60 hours stright no sleep so we needed something to keep us going and all we could think of was calling my brotha dave ragona who is got to be the best and funnyist bitch u will ever meet so he shows up to entertain about 9 pm and keep us going with him there the untapein process went way fast thanks dave chris and I really needed ya lololol he stayed till 5am then went to work ... so I then put the second color down and again chris had the that damm air brush in his had before I could trun around lolololol ( love ya buddy ) so we then airbrushed for another 5 hours after finishing I told chris to take five pulled the clear out cleared the car and it was all said and done 72 hours stright !!!!! ( never again lol) then we all sat there amy and all in shock that this paint job had been complete I said later to chris and passed out he also passed out but before he made it home yeah toatl bummer to go from such a high to such a low but he was ok thank god !!! I then wetsanded the car down re cleared it and while I was doing all of that my wife was slaveing in the kitchen sewing dimands in every panel ( i love ya ) she finished all of that we put the car all back together and have a week to spare !!!! we made it to the pile up and I could not be happer thank you all for all you hard help amy , chris ,dave ,I love you guys so much and could never be able to re pay you !!!!!! hope you enjoy the story and good night !!!